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by MHM teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5
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Im doing something new, i'm telling a story on the blog.
I was suffocating. I am feeling my breath flee from my body. I am going to die now. I cannot believe how ironic this is. Someone who I thought was one of my best friends was about to kill me! I am flailing now. Wait, what is this I am feeling? I can BREATH!!! I am free from the burning grip! I am free! I am free! I am free=http://=http://

It all started on a peaceful, sunny day, which started so calmly, that I could not believe what happened, happened on that same day. I have been in seven-on-one fights, me being one. I have been chased by crazy dogs. I have been knocked to the floor and willing to give up blood just to end the torment. For the sake of these three worlds, I have been lost in DISNEYWORLD PARIS=http://But during all that I didn’t give up. I came out stronger because, quote- what doth not kill my may only make me stronger-unquote yet with all that strength, I was extremely afraid that day. However I started that day blissfully unaware of what awaited me at school…

I got dressed and had breakfast. I got to the staircase and my sister and nanny got in the elevator. “Race you=http://” I yelled to my sister. I started racing down the stairs my sister closed the elevator door and started her decent. I beat the elevator to the ground floor and started looking for my driver.”ABO ALI!!! WHERE ARE YOU ABO ALI!!!” I called. I found him and we started our ride to school…

We got to school early and I got my book and started reading the book was one of my favorites, the Golden Compass. Everything was okay until first recess. That was when the

“Hey M.” Elias said. Elias is a tan boy with black hair. Also, he always calls me by my last name. He also really gets my goat” I challenge you to a fight!!!” he continued.”I’m to mature for that.” I replied calmly. “Baaawk bawk bawk baaaaaaaaawk=http://” he taunted immaturely. “Fine. If you want to fight attack, but don’t expect me to fight back” I replied in serene and calm way. He kicked me, but it didn’t hurt. Yet somehow he was in pain and on the floor.”LEAVE HIM ALONE=http://” yelled Omar in rage and fury and he attacked me with a hula-hoop.”OW!!!” I yelled in pain.”He attacked me you dummy=http://”

After the confrontation, everything was peaceful. But only until second recess. That is when the battle really ensued.

Elias’ team ran and attacked. Ziad ran like a coward. Ziad is a boy of average height. He has lighter skin color than me and black hair. Ziad and I have never really seen eye to eye. All of a sudden Omar and I were hand-in-hand. Not couple hand-in-hand. Sumo wrestler hand-in-hand. Abruptly, he tried biting, but I flailed and hit his eye. He tried choking, and even though I felt my breath flee from my body, I Countered instinctively. Bam! Left cheek! Boom! Right cheek! Crack=http://!!!! My uppercut connected with his chin. Next thing I knew, we were both on the floor, red-faced and crying.

After the battle and back at class, my classmates helped me calm down, and that’s when I knew who my real friends are.

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I like sushi,pizza,& burgers.My faveorite web games are Fusionfall,Roblox,& AQ worlds.I like to spar & play Bakugan.My faveorite Wii is Pokemon Battle Revolution. I like acting out fights with my pals figures. Can you guess who I am?

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