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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5

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“Yeah! Today is going to be the first time I go to a live francophone game. I am so exited. Today is the opening. I bet it is going to be really cool! I wore my clothes and headed to my cousin’s friend’s car. I went with my cousin, her friends, and my mom. The opening took place at the Camille Chamoun Stadium. When we reached, we parked the car and walked until we reached the stadium. Over there, I saw scouts playing on percussion instruments. It was really loud. There were also chariots selling pizza, hot dog, drinks, and many other things. I decided to buy some later because I wasn’t hungry. When we were in, we sat down in a row of empty seats and waited until the opening started. It took about 1-2 hours until it started. When it started, a group of Lebanese army was down with some percussion instruments. They were marching in a parade. They did that for about 1-2 hours too. I liked it at the beginning, but then it was kind of boring. After that, athletes from each country that was participating in the francophone games was walking after each other with their country’s flag. It was really fun to watch. Some of the players were dancing. It was mostly the Africans. I felt hungry so I asked my mom to get me a hot dog. So she went to get me some. When the players went, the staff in charge of the francophone games put on a slide show about the villages and cities in Lebanon. Every time they said the name of the city or village they acted something related to it. There was sword fighting, singing, dancing, and acting. It was my favorite part. It was amazing. After that, a famous singer called Yousondoo singed a song called Seven Seconds Away. It was already 9 p.m. I was really tired, it was time to go home. It was a really special experience. I can’t wait until I go to see the athletics.

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1. I used to live in Sudan and Egypt. 2. I have 4 houses. 3. My favorite food is ramen. 4. My favorite movie is Naruto. 5. My hobby is soccer. 6. My favorite subject is science. 7. I like to swim. 8. I am a nature lover.

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