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We are senior or former students of Puahue School. Some of us want to keep blogging and some of us have moved on to other places in the world, but our blogs remain a record of our learning at primary school.

by Berber teacher: C Knight
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Once upon a time there was a puppy. Her name was Olivia BFFL Molloy. She liked to help her mum. Her mum’s name was Sarah BFFL Molloy. Olivia loves chocolate cakes. Her favourite colour is lime green. They lived in a tree trunk. She sleeps on a little piece of wood. Olivia is a brown puppy.
That day Olivia asked her mum, “Can I go and see around the corner of the tree?”
Olivia’s mum said, “Yes.”
So she turned the corner but froze in fear when she saw a large face right in front of her. The creature looked like a monster. It was huge and hairy. Two large, yellow eyes stared at her. It had large pointed ears that twitched and sharp teeth with fangs on each side. The beast bared its teeth and took a step forward. It said, “Boo!”
“Cassidy, you gave me a fright.”
Cassidy is a kitten. She is white. Cassidy is my best friend. You know that you were an ostrich Cassidy and that is our enemy because of ostrich. But suddenly a real, beautiful, cosy house was for sale. So we buyed it and lived happily ever after.

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