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We are the student writers of a 2nd grade transitional bilingual class in New York. We are using this blog as a resource to help strengthen our writing skills through self-expression, opinions, and communication of topics that we are learning about and exploring in the classroom.

by Milagros Henriquez-Santiago
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     What inspires you?  Well if you ask us that question our answer would be MONSTERS.  Our school's art teacher, Mrs. J.,  introduced the artist Stefan G. Bucher to my students a few weeks ago. We were instantly hooked.

     Stafan Bucher is a writer, graphic designer, and an illustrator.  He is also the creator of an online animation series called The Daily Monster.  For 100 days he filmed himself drawing a new monster from random ink blots and uploaded them to his blog.  Those who visited his site named and posted stories about each monster on the blog.  His clips got so popular that they have been downloaded over a million times and are now collected in a book called "100 Days of Monsters." 

     After a few tries of using his style of turning seemingly boring, random ink blots into fasinating creatures we started to ask ourselves, Who is this guy?  How did he come up with this idea?  We decidde to email him to see if he would like to video conference with us through Skype.  When he agreed we were so excited.  Our video conference took place on Thursday, December 2nd at 2:00pm (EST).  Since Mr. Bucher lives in California he had to wake up early just to Skype with us (sorry ).  He was GREAT!!!!!! He told us stories, gave us tips, and answered all of our questions. He even created a brand new monster just for us while we were talking together.   Thank you sooooo much, Mr. Bucher.  We love your monsters and can't wait to see what you do next.

        If you'd like to see our MONSTERly inspired creations or post a story about them, you can do so below. 




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Welcome! My name is Mrs. Henriquez-Santiago and I am second grade bilingual teacher on Long Island in New York.
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