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Exploring Biotechnology & Global Issues

S2 8th Grade

Exploring Biotechnology.
Topics in biotechnology include the potential impact of biofuels to invigorate NC rural economy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

AIG-Global Issues
Topics in Global Issues include student ideas for living in a flat world. This includes their work to address global problems, poverty, sustainability, climate change, world health and world peace.

by Gregory Louie

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Title: Careers (01/14/09)
Description: After viewing the career websites listed on Mr. Louie's Exploring Biotechnology Website. Choose one career to describe and answer the following questions.

1. Which career field (industry) in the Career Voyager's site most interests you?

2. Describe the industry you've chosen. (3 sentences).

3. Which job description attracts you most?

4. Describe the job. (1 sentence)

5. Is this kind of job projected to grow? If so by how much over the next 8 years?

6. How much can a person make an hour at this kind of job?

7. What kind of education does one need for the majority of people who work in this job?

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Mr. Louie is a protein chemist/molecular biologist who loves teaching. His current passions include global education, web 2.0 technologies and organic gardening. In his spare time he dances the mambo with his lovely wife and rambunctious 5-year old daughter.

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