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by Clara Assi teacher: Mrs. B.
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I’ve had great memories at my grandma’s house in Sidon. I usually go there on Fridays and sleep there during the breaks and weekends.

I have a lot of fun cooking with Grandma and hearing stories about my dad and his siblings and relatives and how mischievous they were, or playing basketball with my cousins, or going to the village with my aunt and eating at the restaurant.

My most treasured memory was when it was New Year's Eve. We were at Grandma’s dancing, playing cards and playing karaoke. Grandma made a delicious meal and star-shaped chocolate chip cookies with hot cocoa for desert. My cousins and siblings and I decided to put on a show that we practiced a long time ago. It was a comedy play about people in Lebanon. After we finished performing, the audience was laughing their heads off.
After they calmed down, we all had a dancing competition and a round of charades. It was so much fun! "Dinner is served!" Grandma said. That was some meal!

We asked Granny for the cookies, but she refused and said, “You will eat the cookies and drink the cocoa when I put the family movie I rented for all of us to watch,so now sit down on the couch while I prepare the movie and serve the cookies and the cocoa,” We all were excited so we sat on the couch watching the movie. It was hilarious!

I glanced at the clock and looked back at the T.V then with a shock I looked at the clock again “10 more seconds till New Year!!!!” I screamed.
“ 10!9!8!7!6!5!4!3!2!1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” We all screamed, as we ran down the stairs to the garden and fired the fireworks and blew the whistles.

It was the best night at Grandma’s under the STARS!

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Hi! My name is Clara, but my friends call me Cooks. I am 11 years old I have three brothers and two sisters all of them are younger than me. I like dancing and singing, my favourite sport is basketball, my favourite color is pink I have blonde hair and brown eyes I'm not a athlete or a tomboy I'm a girly-girl I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!!! ..... I love to spend time with my girls! (Bff's/pals) And my pet dog Brint is my best pal. He is a year old. I love spending time with my mom shopping, having dinner together, chatting in the living room...etc. Thats all I can say for now but I have lots more about myself!!!!! See ya! Cooks

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