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The Rules of How to be Popular--For girls ONLY!
How To Be Popular
1- Always have a ready smile for everyone

2-Exfoliate and moisturize daily

3-Make time and space for new friends-but also keep the old ones

4-Show genuine interest in others

5- Your makeovers should not be complete without confidence.

6-Popular people are true to themselves

7-Do not mock people

8-Use long-lasting lip gloss. (this is for the girls that wear lip gloss)

9-Your nail polish should never be chipped

10- Never ever tease or bully people

11-Never gossip about people behind their backs.

12-Be polite

13-Be cheerful and outgoing

14-think of the feelings first

15-Don't be a snob or a spoiled brat

16-Never Show off

17-don't be shy

18-be social


20-last but not least, BE YOURSELF!!

-Meg Cabot

I got these from a book called "How to be popular" by Meg Cabot I did not read the book yet but I am willing to.

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Hi! My name is Clara, but my friends call me Cooks. I am 11 years old I have three brothers and two sisters all of them are younger than me. I like dancing and singing, my favourite sport is basketball, my favourite color is pink I have blonde hair and brown eyes I'm not a athlete or a tomboy I'm a girly-girl I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!!! ..... I love to spend time with my girls! (Bff's/pals) And my pet dog Brint is my best pal. He is a year old. I love spending time with my mom shopping, having dinner together, chatting in the living room...etc. Thats all I can say for now but I have lots more about myself!!!!! See ya! Cooks

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