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by Clara Assi teacher: Mrs. B.
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Torwards the end of last year, my friends and I began writing book; now we are in fifth grade and we are still writing it only on chapter three.
This is what its about:
There is a girl named Vanessa and she has many dreams, she is writing an imaginary diary about her own life but in a different lifestyle, so she writes all day long, even during class. One day someone sees her imaginary diary and tells the whole school about it, then she runs into an empty old magic room and she sits on a magic chair in that room thinking about her dreams. The chair starts swiveling and twirling and then suddenly without her feet touching the floor she stops,
and then she goes home and something very awkward and wierd happens...( to be continued)

If I finish my book soon I hope everyone reads it !!
This is a little question for all of you who are reading this article:
What do you think is the awkward thing that happens??
(There is a clue in the text)
(Serena and Yasmina don't comment because you guys know what happens next)

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Hi! My name is Clara, but my friends call me Cooks. I am 11 years old I have three brothers and two sisters all of them are younger than me. I like dancing and singing, my favourite sport is basketball, my favourite color is pink I have blonde hair and brown eyes I'm not a athlete or a tomboy I'm a girly-girl I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!!! ..... I love to spend time with my girls! (Bff's/pals) And my pet dog Brint is my best pal. He is a year old. I love spending time with my mom shopping, having dinner together, chatting in the living room...etc. Thats all I can say for now but I have lots more about myself!!!!! See ya! Cooks

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