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Do you ever feel as if the world is just falling apart right in your own hands? Have you ever felt as if you wish you are not alive? Have you ever felt EMPTY?
I have.

And seriously, it is not a picnic. Especially the emptiness. Sometimes you think that your life is a truly wonderful gift that God has given us, but sometimes you just feel....empty. You feel as if you're no use to anyone, or that you're better dead than alive, or that life is just rotten, and I've felt all three.

The hardest one is the day I've been through today. It was absolutely, with no question, the most rotten day in the history of rotten days.

I guess you'd call being called a freak one reason. Or being really disappointed about something that you really wanted to do but then couldn't because you have to go to the hospital to do IV.

And then you'd also call being imitated and embarrassed in front of laughing people who you thought were your friends is also rotten.

And then also if you'd just see people throwing papers into the bin (even though there was a recycling box outside, which they knew) just because they wanted to make you upset is also rotten. And sadly, that all just made me close to tears.

Well, it wasn't exactly nice of those people for them to do that to me. But I don't think I should care that much. I mean, those people don't know what they're saying. And it's just their loss. And I don't care that much anymore.

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