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Wendy (Realistic Fiction)

On November 23, 1970 a little girl was born in Poland. Her name was Wendy. Wendy was a very smart child who loved listening to music. Her mother, Fiona died when Wendy was only three. After her death, Wendy and her father felt an enormous emptiness. When Wendy was five her father was fired from his job as a mechanical engineer. Fortunately the next day he found a job in Ukraine and moved there with Wendy. Wendy was put in a school called St.Peters. She was an excellent musician and loved playing especially on the piano. Very one was inspired with Wendy’s music. She also wrote some pieces of outstanding music and preformed them to her music teachers at her school. When Wendy was ten her father suffered from the incurable then, leukemia. During that very tough time the only thing that made him peaceful was Wendy’s music. Her music took him places and made him forget all the harshness of him illness. Unfortunately one year later he passed away. Wendy missed him dearly but had faith and knew he was next to her listening to her heavenly music. Wendy won awards from making master pieces out of music. Wendy went to hospitals all around the world and played music to all the patients, especially to the ones with leukemia. Before Wendy died she said “My wish is for all mankind to learn or at least appreciate music as it brings piece and joy.” Therefore she founded an academy for young gifted musicians for free.

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