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Caldes de Montbui

A group of Catalan students went to Pornainen (Finland) in May. Students from Finland are coming to visit Caldes de Montbui next March. This site is thought for exchanging information between both classes and make this project the most effective and interesting as possible.

by Clara Safont

teacher: Dolors Permanyer

Class Assignments
our voice 01/02
Around Helsinki 11/19
New bloggers 11/17
Travelling by plane 11/04
Blog Entries

I really loved this week in Finland when we arrived in the airport we didn't want to meet our partners, but after, we didn't want to leave Finland.

In this week I did many funny things, but also I did things or activities that i didn't like., for example when we were in the bus 1 h aprox. with the guided tour in Helsinki, and the woman explained the history of Helsinki, I think that this was boring for me. I wanted to see Helsinki out of the bus, and maybe I didn't like when we went to the shooping center, because in this time I wanted to visit helsinki, and our partners, who at this moment were in charge us, didn't let us go.

But I had a very nices experiences. I loved when we went to the cotta, next to the lake with all Spanish and Finnish people. I also liked the weekend, and the last night, in the place that It’s liked a cotta, with fire, next to the lake… I really think that Finland has a very nice landscape.

And the answer about what I will never forget, it’s clear! For me the thing that I will never forget are the Finnish people that I met in this trip, and of course my partner Elina ( and her family) she’s a very nice person J

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Hi! My name is CLara. I study English. I live in Caldes de montbui, near Barcelona. I want to meet new people. :)

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