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Caldes de Montbui

A group of Catalan students went to Pornainen (Finland) in May. Students from Finland are coming to visit Caldes de Montbui next March. This site is thought for exchanging information between both classes and make this project the most effective and interesting as possible.

by Clara Safont

teacher: Dolors Permanyer

Class Assignments
our voice 01/02
Around Helsinki 11/19
New bloggers 11/17
Travelling by plane 11/04
Blog Entries

Hi ! J My name is Clara Safont and I 14 years old, I live in Bigues I Riells the next town of Caldes de Montbui, is very near.
My birthday is on 20th of June.
I’m not very tall, but I’m not short. I have long, straight, blonde hair, my eyes are brown. I’m very happy, I impatient and shy, but I talk very much.
I play football with my friends in a Caldes team, I like tennis, I love listening to music, I like Hilary duff, RBD and pop, dance music. I like shopping, go to cinema with my fiends. I love travelling, I travel in new york, Senegal, Liverpool, Paris, desert of sahara and another’s cities of Spain.
I study English and German.
Every day I go to school, do the homework, go out with my friends but on Tuesdays and Fridays I go training football.
My best friends are Anna, Mariona, Estefi and Laia (CAMEL) laura, irina, nuria, mireia…
My parents are divorced, I live with my mother and her boyfriend in Bigues I Riells, but my father lives in Caldes de Montbui. I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. I have got one dog, it is small and affectionate.
My house in Bigues I Riells is very big, it has a swimming pool and garden.
My house in Caldes is big too, in this house we have got 2 dogs, they are very nice.
Caldes is a small nice town. It has got some parks and It has got a football ground.

Best wishes . x

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Hi! My name is CLara. I study English. I live in Caldes de montbui, near Barcelona. I want to meet new people. :)

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