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A group of Catalan students went to Pornainen (Finland) in May. Students from Finland are coming to visit Caldes de Montbui next March. This site is thought for exchanging information between both classes and make this project the most effective and interesting as possible.

by Karen i Mila teacher: Dolors Permanyer
Class Assignments
our voice 01/02
Around Helsinki 11/19
New bloggers 11/17
Travelling by plane 11/04
Blog Entries

Title: New bloggers (11/17/07)
Description: We are becoming popular among the blogger users. Apart from the Finns other bloggers would like to join us. This means that our blog is read by a global real audience and that our global community is getting larger.

Our blog contains now links to the blogs of other two year nine English classes (Australia and Germany). The students in those blogs are your age. They live in other countries, but thanks to blogging we can communicate all together.


1. Go to "Year nine class in Australia" and read the article: "Blogging as communication, connection, conversation".
2. Write your blog article doing the assignment given in "Blogging as communication, connection, conversation".

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Our names are Karen and Mila and we are 14 years old. We are students of a high school called IES MANOLO HUGUÈ and we like english. We are friends but we aren't at the same class. We have known each other for 3 years. Me, Karen, I have studied English since I was eight I like languages and travelling around the world. I would like to travel to India, New York and many other countries. And me, Mila I like English too because since I was six I'm studying English and I also love travelling.

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