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Why I want to go to Alaska
March 11, 2008
Final writing assignment

Dear Mom & Dad,
I want to go to Alaska this year instead of something boring like last year. Here are a couple of reasons I want to go to Alaska instead of an art museum. I want to go to Alaska because then I would get to see the Iditarod, which is the oldest sled dog race in the United States, and people come from all over just to be in it. It would be really fun to watch it and meet the racers. The racers are called mushers because when they’re going along the trail they yell mush instead of go. On the team there are 16 dogs in the beginning and they lose and gain dogs throughout the race and you have to have at least 6 dogs to finish the race. Right now my favorite musher in the iditarod is Warren Palfrey. The race is over now Warren got 26th place. So I don’t think he got any prize money but it must have been fun still.

I should probably tell you about the weather there to it is really cold there. And any water there freezes up in the wintertime. There is a lot of snow and ice there too so that’s what makes it really cold there. And a lot of people up there get frostbite really easily so if we go we should remember to pack warm clothes.

Now im going to tell you about the history of the Iditarod sled dog race. The trail that the Iditarod is on used to be a supply trail to deliver medicine to Nome from Anchorage. Dog sled teams used to be sent out on trails to Nome to bring the medicine. Along time ago Nome was saved because a relay of dogsled teams were sent out to bring medicine.
Now its time for me to tell you about the geography of Alaska. Alaska has a lot of mountains and when I say a lot I mean a lot. Alaska has a whole bunch of windy roads and trails that’s probably just more spots for the iditarod trail to go along. Alaska has a lot of rivers, lakes and streams. Oh and the waters really cold so ah don’t fall in.

Now for my closing paragraph. So if we went to Alaska I might find oil and earn us millions, so why not go? If we went it would be so much more fun than last year doesn’t you think? (Probably not) alright that’s all for now see ya later.

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