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What I’m going to do on Christmas
December 18, 2007

What I’m going to do on Christmas is that I’m going to be with my family opening presents. Christmas is not about getting a lot of presents, it’s about having a great time with your family. My dad is going to come to my house to watch us open our presents. My mom and dad always give us extra presents for our behavior. If we were bad we didn’t get any extra presents. We always get presents at our Auntie Shawn’s house because every year we be good and that’s the only time of year when they're all nice to us all.

Last year my dad forgot the present he got for Zakeya so he had to go home get the present come back to our house give to Zakeya and it was a bag full of a lot of movies from Disney Channel. My sister was so excited because she had the movies she wanted even though she didn’t have it on her Christmas list my dad knew that she really wanted it for one of her Christmas presents. My mom and I always watch other people open their presents when we're done.

Every year I always get presents because I’m good every year. Maybe because I always get promotions and also get rewards. Last year I got a Dolphin award that means you’ve been good that week. I also got a Dolphin of the week award. “I said that I should have been Dolphin of The Year. ‘’My mom laughed when I said that.

I am definitely going to my Auntie Shawn’s house because she always gets presents for each and every one of us. My mom probably is going to go to Shania’s birthday party to give a card, money, and say happy birthday=http://!

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