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My Auntie Regina and Her Daughter Lela
December 12, 2007

My Auntie Regina is at home right now and she’s with her daughter Lela and she burped up on my shirt yesterday and I was going to take a shower but I had to go to bed at the time of the day. My Auntie had me hold her this morning and when I picked her up she didn’t want me she wanted her brother Dominique he is my cousin. He came from Houston Texas and he’s living with me, my mom, Jalon, Juwan, and Zakeya. My brother is at school right now but he has to walk home with me and Zakeya sometimes and he said he rather walk with us the rest of our life than let us walk by ourselves and something bad happens and then he would cry. I understand what he is talking about so I am not going to walk by myself until I think I’m old enough to not be scared or be able to take care of my little sister Zakeya because since I’m her big sister I have to take really good care of her and don’t let anything happen to her because I don’t want to see her get her. I am only seven minutes older than her but we came out on the same day and around the same time. Dominique is older than Lela. Lela is two months old so I’m nine years older than her. My dad is almost the oldest out of his sisters and brothers. I used to think that he was the oldest but now I’m older to understand more things that I’ve never knew before. I have a little more stuff to say. My little cousin Lela is my littlest cousin that I have so far and I hope to have more once I get older. I hope I have much more and my family is wonderful already and I hope they will always be nice and very wonderful there whole life. My friends are just like my family because they always are sweet and nice to me and my little sister Zakeya. My dad is going to my school tomorrow to pick me up and take me to his house and spend the weekend with him then go back home. He always comes and picks me and my sister up on Fridays to spend a little time with him on the weekends. My mom expects us to be home by Sunday to get ready to go to school the very next day. We have to go to school for five days a week, and have three days to do what ever we want to do. So it’s not fair because we have a lot of days to work at school and only have three days of fun!! We only want it to be five days of fun and three days of school and learning.

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