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by Lincoln teacher: Mark Ahlness

Title: Drawing First (02/24/12)
Description: After listening to author Paul Owen Lewis, the students at roomtwelve.com spent some time just drawing, as he suggested - and then started writing. Some interesting stories...

Article posted February 17, 2012 at 10:41 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 1786

It was summer in Seattle, it was July 12 1999. One day there lived two girls named Rosalina and Kelsey and her mom was working at a store. Their mom worked a lot and she came very, very, very late like at 2:00 of the morning.

So one day the girls went to walk and they saw a door in a dark place. They went in, Rosalina was the oldest. She wanted to go in the door. She said, “Let’s go in Kelsey.” Kelsey went with her. They saw a lot of curtains. They went through the curtains. Kelsey said, “That’s a lot of curtains.”

Then they got there. They saw a big cool place. Rosalina said, “There are weird people.” They saw pink people. It was a pink world. Then a person came. It was a pink person. Then the pink person said, “Come here.” The two girls were scared. Kelsey said, “I’m scared.” So they went in. Then they went through a door with the pink person. Soon they got there.

They saw a pink beach. The water was light pink. There were a lot of pink people. The two girls were amazed. Rosalina looked at her phone to see what time it was. It was time for the dad to come. The dad took care of them until the mom comes. The girls ran home so they wouldn’t be late. Then they got home.

Then the dad came. The girls told the dad the story but the dad didn’t believe them. So the girls took him to the place. Then they got to the door. Then they went through the curtains. And at last the girls got there. They asked the pink person. The pink person took them to the beach and then the dad believed them. So the dad had an idea. He said “Should we go in the water?” So they had a good time. Then they went home. Then they went to sleep. The next day they forgot about it.

Article posted February 17, 2012 at 10:41 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 1786

Article posted February 14, 2012 at 10:24 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 474

One day, a boy wanted to sail his boat. He was fifteen. His name was Chris. He packed his lunch. He brought bug spray. He brought binoculars so he could see stuff from far away. He sailed for a long time and he got hungry so he ate his lunch. He had a tuna sandwich, a carton of milk, an apple, an orange, and a granola bar. He also had some napkins. After he ate his lunch, he felt sleepy so he took a nap, but when he woke up, he was in the strangest place. He was on an island.

No one was on the island. Actually, it was just sand. Nothing but sand. He wanted to check out the island, but he thought about the consequences. “What happened if I got lost, or if someone is on the island and throws me off the island and I drown? What if I get lost?” He thought and thought and thought. After five minutes, he decided to go and check out the island. Even though he knew the consequences, he still wanted to check it out. He thought it was unknown. An unknown island. So he started to walk. He walked and he walked and he walked and he walked. He walked for an hour until he bumped into something. Something invisible. He poked it. And it did nothing until he figured out that there was a message on the ground. It said “To open the invisible door, you must say the magic word; I can’t tell you the magic word, though.” Chris already knew the magic word. It was please.

So he said please and the door opened. He went inside. It was full with lots of stuff. It was full with lamps, chairs, sofas, and lots of other stuff. And guess what? There was gold! Lots and lots of gold! But if it belonged to someone. He thought. Then he knew what to do. He took some of the gold. And he left. He didn’t want to take a lot of gold because it will be too heavy for him. He walked out of the cave and walked until he found his boat and sailed away to the land. He found it so he went home, but then the weirdest thing happened.

He woke up! He thought it was real, but it was a dream and he couldn’t believe it.


Article posted February 14, 2012 at 10:24 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 474

Article posted February 14, 2012 at 10:17 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 437

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sky. He went to his grandma’s house a lot because there was a forest he liked to visit, and in that forest was a big lake, And in that lake was a lake monster.

He was in his grandma’s house having hot coco because it was really cold outside and snowing. So he got into his snow clothes and went outside and went to the lake to go ice skating. So he did, but when he got there he saw the weirdest thing.

He saw a light; it was a strange light. It was going off and on. It was going red and orange. It was coming from under the ice. He thought it was just a reflection from the sun going into the clouds. But then he couldn’t help it, he went to his shed and started chipping the ice away.

Then when he was done chipping the ice away a big dragon sea creature thing started jumping out of the water and back again, he was so scared he started to run home as fast as he could. When he got half way into home he thought (Why didn’t it attack me, maybe he likes me?) So he went back, really quietly so it wouldn’t attack him. It didn't. So he went out whenever he had spare time and played with him.

One time he went out to see if it wanted to play but when he got there he was getting shot at by some monster hunting crew. And he said stop, it’s my friend, it’s nice to you when you’re calm. But just don’t hurt it.

He said stay here until I get back. He wanted to show his grandma it, so he went back and brought his grandma but when they got there they were gone, it was all gone.

To Be Continued……..

Article posted February 14, 2012 at 10:17 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 437

Article posted February 14, 2012 at 10:12 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 526

One day two turkeys wanted a hamburger. So they got a hamburger. The first one said “This is good.” The second one said “Yummy!” So they wanted one for Valentine's Day. When they got there they were out of hamburgers! The first said “They are out of hamburgers!” The second one said “No=http:// How are we going to get a hamburger?” The first one said we need a library book so we can make a hamburger.” The second one said “yeah!” So they went to the library.

There’s a book on cooking. They went home and went to the kitchen. When they got to the kitchen they opened the book and they saw that they didn’t have all the ingredients. The first one said “Oh no! We don’t have all the ingredients”. The second one said “It’s the end of the world!”

They went to the store. At the store they meet a talking hamburger. They said “Hi.” Then they went to find the ingredients. When they left they got all the ingredients. But they could not find any ketchup. So they went to buy the food. Then they went to a lot of different stores. But they can’t find any ketchup. So they found it at a restaurant.

So they got some of the ketchup there. So they finally got a hamburger. But the problem was the stuff they got can only make one hamburger. So they did not know what to do. So they thought and thought and thought and thought.

Then they decided to have a race for it. So the first one said “ I get it because I am the oldest.” So they started to race. The first one got tired so he took a nap. Then the second one got in the front and got the hamburger. So the first one went out to get a hamburger. Because the stores got some hamburgers. So they both got a hamburger. So they stayed friends… to be continued.

Article posted February 14, 2012 at 10:12 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 526

Article posted February 14, 2012 at 10:09 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 453

Once upon a time there was a fish named Bob. He was a wise fish but one day fishermen came to fish. The fishermen put the worm on the hook and threw it in the water. And like 30 minutes later Bob saw the worm and Bob said “Yummy worm,” and Bob ate the worm but the fishermen was sleeping. And Bob was thinking of a way how to get out of this mess. And Bob thought “The hook is in my mouth so I have to think about how to get this hook out of my mouth.”

So he was thinking for a while. But finally he thought of something. He swam up and down left and right but the hook won’t come off. But finally the fishermen woke up and saw the fishing pole move and he grabbed it as fast as he can and reeled in the fishing pole. But Bob got another way to get it off. He swam farther and farther until the line snapped. Click, the line broke off and the hook came out of Bob. And Bob was happy that the hook came off.

Bob was so happy because the hook came off. He was jumping up and down. But guess what, there still a hole in Bob’s mouth. He didn’t feel the hole because he was too happy that the hook came off. But then he started to bleed. And he went to a fish hospital called The Fish Hospital. He had to stay there for one day. When he came out he was all patched up. But they didn’t really patch him up, they just put on this tape called fish tape. It patches up any kind of fish, even a salmon. And Bob came out of the Fish Hospital and started to swim around. And the Fishermen put another worm on the hook and threw it into the water.

Bob saw the worm inside the water and was thinking about eating it. But the Fish doctor said “You can’t eat anything for a day with that patch on.” But Bob didn’t care because he was so hungry. So Bob took off the patch and ate the worm. But guess what - again the fisherman was sleeping again. But the hook did not get stuck in Bob’s mouth because they put metal inside his mouth so every time he was hungry he would just eat as much worms as he wanted to.

And he met a friend named Ryan the fish. Ryan the fish was smart and wise just like Bob the fish. The End

Article posted February 14, 2012 at 10:09 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 453

Article posted February 10, 2012 at 06:01 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 1402

Billy and Todd were working on building a go cart in Todd’s basement. They had built go carts before, but this one was going to be special. They got the wheels off of two old baby buggies. They got wood and nails from Todd’s dad. But they got their idea from a dream…

Most go carts have to be pushed or pulled to make them go. Some even have motors. Some just go down hills. But there was this special one that didn’t need anybody pushing it, and could even go up hills on its own. It was in Billy’s dream. Here’s what he dreamed:

It was green, and the kids made it special. It went everywhere on its own – no motor, nobody had to push it, it just went places. The secret was in how it was built. It just had a board for the body, and a board to lean back against. It had boards to hold the wheels onto the body. The secret was it had HUGE wheels on the back. They were like 4 times the size of the front wheels. That’s how it went on its own – you were always going downhill! It was just plain amazing.

To make it go, Billy just sat down on the seat. It started going. When he got up, it stopped. It never really went very fast, and that was a good thing, because it did not have brakes!

Billy got rich with this go cart. He sold rides on it for $.50 for 5 minutes. On Saturdays, he’d go out on the street in front of his house. Kids would be lined up waiting by 7:30 AM!. Usually by noon he had made about $20.00.

After a couple months of this he had enough money to buy more materials, and with his special design, built and sold lots of those go carts – for $1,000. each!

Then he woke up. He finished building the cart with Todd. He couldn't wait to try it out. He sat down in the seat... to be continued...

Article posted February 10, 2012 at 06:01 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 1402

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