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We are 5th graders at Palmer Elementary. We love blogging and using technology to improve our literacy skills!

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1/26/09 My Resolutions For 2009

Remember, there are a ton of resolutions for this New Year 2009. So lets share them. These are my resolutions for 2009. I’m going to work on getting to bed earlier, I’m going to work on not fighting with my brothers and, to get awesome grades. These are ways that I can improve to the New Year. So lets get improving.

My first, resolution I’m going to work on is going to bed earlier. I really want to work on going to bed at 9 o’clock. So, then I won’t be so tired all the time. That way I won’t be so grumpy. Also I will be alert for school and have enough energy for soccer and gymnastics. I also should remember NO sleepovers on Saturdays or Sundays because then I will be too tired for school. I can have sleepovers on Fridays but not on Saturdays or Sundays. That was one of my promises I just shared with you.

I’m also going to share my second resolution. My second resolution is to not fight with my brothers! Not fighting with my brothers is very important and a very hard promise to follow. My brother always hurt me. I have just learned to walk away. If I don’t if I don’t walk away then I will get even m ore hurt. If I don’t fight with them then maybe they will be nicer. If we do stop fighting are house will be quiet and there will be no more stress on my parents. Plus I really don’t want to get yelled at any more. I want to stop fighting with Jacob and Adam because I always fight with them. Jordan my other brother I don’t really fight with him. I am going to stop fighting with my brothers this year. That was my second resolution.

Now here is my third resolution. My third resolution is to get awesome grades. It is very important to get awesome grades because then I can get awesome reports from my mom and dad. Also getting awesome grades is a good way to show Miss. G I’m trying my hardest and always listening. I also want to be smart and go to college. Good grades for me is getting 4’s and 3.5’s those are what I should be getting. I will study and, read, and practice my facts. That is how I am going to get awesome grades.

I shared all my resolutions for this year. I will go to bed earlier, I will not fight with my brothers, and I will get awesome grades. Remember you can always make resolutions. So, why not share them with other people. So write them down on a piece of paper and there you go theirs your resolutions. That is all for this year.

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