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There once was a boy named Tommy. He had long dark hair,it was very thick.Tommy's family was just an ordinary family, you know the boring kind. His family was also very friendly and sweet.You know how I said Tommy's family was boring? Well,they were until they found a book....Anyway this is the story how Tommy's boring family ended up to be exciting.

One day when Tommy was taking a walk he went into a bookstore because he got very hot and tired on his walk. He saw a book called "How To Be Exciting". He grabbed it and thought how much he wanted his family to be exciting.

Tommy took the book to the cash register, paid for it, and ran out the door!Even though he was very tired he ran all the way to his house. When he got inside he gave it to his parents.

His parents asked him,"What's this for?"Tommy told them, "Your kind of.....you know...boring."Tommy told his parents to read it to his siblings. His parents told him, "NO!" But Tommy kept begging.

Finaly Tommy's parents said "Yes". So that night when everybody went to bed, Tommy's parents read the book to Tommy's siblings Josh and Katelynn. That night Tommy heard Josh and Katelynn laughing, so he knew his parents were reading his siblings the book.

The next morning Tommy thought his family was acting strange, the good kind of strange. Maybe even exciting!Tommy was very excited! He wanted to laugh so hard because he was so happy!Tommy could probably scream with his loudest voice "I AM SO HAPPY!!"Everything was so exciting, it was almost like magic.For example: his dad was talking about going to a Michigan State game instead of talking about me going to his work.It was all so good.

Finally, Tommy just asked his mom,"Why is everybody being so exciting?" Everybody looked at Tommy, his mom, his dad, Josh and Catelynn. Then dad said, "We took your advice." Tommy said, "My what?" Dad replied, "We took your advice about being exciting." "Remember?", Josh said. "Well in that case... LET'S PARTY!!" And after that Tommy's whole family was exciting. Tommy and his family were very happy.

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