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We are a 6th grade class that is piloting a 1:1 laptop program using MacBook computers. We blog, Skype, make Wiki pages, produce digital videos, podcasts and vidcasts.

by Emilee

teacher: Brian Crosby

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New Zealand

    Today we skyped with a class in Nelson, New Zealand. They go to a school called Appleby School. We gave our presentation about Nevada to them. Then we were done giving our presentation to them, we sang Home Means Nevada to them.

    When we were done singing the song to them, they sang a song to us. The song they sang was in Maori. Then they asked us some questions. When they were done asking us questions, we asked them some questions.

    One of their favorite foods is chicken. They also say chook for chicken. They have 100 kids in their school. They like to play rugby. They have 42000 people in Nelson, New Zealand.

       They asked us how we got to school? Some of us walked, some got a ride and some rode a scooter. When they heard that one  of us rode a skateboard, they got excited. I don’t think they have ever saw a skateboard before. They have 4 million people in their country.

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