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We are a 6th grade class that is piloting a 1:1 laptop program using MacBook computers. We blog, Skype, make Wiki pages, produce digital videos, podcasts and vidcasts.

by Emilee

teacher: Brian Crosby

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    Sportsman Ship

    Two college softball team's were play softball and it was neck to neck. A girl named Sara was up to bat. She was a senior and have never hit a home run or won a champion ship game.

     There was already two people on base and had one pitch left. Than all of a sudden she hit the ball and it went over the fence. Every one started to cheer and the two girls that were on bases made it back to home plate.

    Sara did not touch first base so she started to turn around but when she was turning around her knee tore. She fell down and crawled to first base and started to hug first base because she was in so much pain. The Coach asked the umpire if another girl on their team can run around the bases for her and he said they can’t do that. If they helped her she would been out of the game.

     Because she only made it to first base the umpire was going to make it a single.

    Then a player from the other the that has hit the most home runs in the league, stud up and asked the umpire if they can carry her around the bases. The umpire looked at her funny. He said they can.

     So her and another player on her team went up to Sara and asked her if they could carry her around the bases and Sara said yes and thank you. Then the girl that helped her told her that she hit the ball over the fence and that she deserves to get credit for a home run. So they picked her up and carried her around the bases. They helped her touch every base with her left foot. When the girl that helped her looked up she did not see yelling and screaming in the crowds, she saw crying and emotions.        

    Then the two girls put her down on home plate.         That was the last of Sara’s softball career.


    I thought that was good sportsman ship. I think that was nice of those two girls for taking Sara around the bases, so she can get a home run. They didn’t have to take her around the bases. They could of let her sit there and only have a single but they didn’t.

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