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Final Assignment
By Eragon

Hi mom and dad! I believe for our family trip we should go to the Iditarod. It would be educational event because you can
Learn about why they started the event. Alaska is one of two the
States outside of the continental United States of America, it would be a wonderful thing, it would be a whole new adventure for the
I bet even my annoying sisters will like it. It is fats paced and it will be
Totally worth it in the end. I believe Alaska will be the place to go for our
“Educational” family trip.

The history of the Iditarod is this…
In 1925, in Nome, Alaska there was a terrible disease called diphtheria and all the medicine was gone so a group of sled dogs went to Anchorage and back to Nome and got all of the medicine to
The ill. So some years later someone organized the first Iditarod and so now every year musher race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska to see whom the. The first Iditarod took place in 1973 with a total of 34 mushers. The winner of the first Iditarod was Dick Wilmarth. People come from allover the world to compete in the Great American Sled Dog Race the Iditarod.

Here is the weather in Alaska…
Now I won’t lie but Alaska is cold and it is snowy and all those things but
I believe it would be fine we could buy warm coats and wool socks. Just let’s not get frostbite (except maybe my little sister Rosy) I mean it is warm in the summer but we would be there in the winter and I know the average temperature is about 19 Degrees Fahrenheit. But still I bet you 5 bucks it will be worth it in the end

The Geography of Alaska is there is allot of snow and mountains
And there is a lot of mountains one are Mt. McKinley the tallest mountain in North America so maybe we could go there after the Iditarod. Now back to persuade you to let us go to the Iditarod, There are several rivers one is the Yukon River which run from about North to South in Alaska there are many ranges one is called the Alaska Range. So there are a couple of things about
The Geography of the Iditarod

Now it is about the Mushers and Sled dogs
A couple mushers are Gerry Willomitzer, Jeff King, and Matt Hayashida and many more. Some famous sled dogs are Balto, Hot Foot and a lot others. Most sled dog is Alaskan Husky but some are a bread of Wolf and Dog,
Siberian Huskies and Alaskan malamute and some other types of dogs.

So those are 5 reasons my I believe we should go to Alaska. I think it would be the funnest Family trip in the History of the Family (well maybe, I guess that trip where dad fell off a cliff was good but you know what I mean) so in conclusion I believe we should go to Alaska to see the Iditarod.


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