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by teacher: samuel
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We just got back from MOUNTAIN SCHOOL! It was amazing. I thought that it would be sleeping out in tents but the LODGES had bunk beds and bathrooms. The lodges even had a place like a common room just for hanging out. The three lodge names were CEDAR, PINE AND FIR lodges. Cedar was the girls lodge, pine was for the teachers and other students and fir was the boys lodge. The dining hall was one of the best buildings there I thought. They had tables carved out of fallen trees, a buffet line and a great view of the lake. The dam, Diablo Dam had a sheer drop that was 386 feet tall! At night we would gather around a camp fire and sing songs like BOOM-CHICKA-BOOM and also do skits and tell legends.
Then we went on a night hike and we ate wintergreen lifesavors and our mouthes sparked. Then I thought I saw something moving behind us and Violet started crying and Goldilocks started screaming and Tayrn did something else that she didn't want people to know about. The adaults thought that it was just snow but when it started MOVING we knew it wasn't snow it was a white deer that wasn't albino.

We did a lot of other things that were really cool like learning to track animals, learning about skat or poop and looking at bugs under microscopes.( REALLY FREAKY!)

MOUNTAIN SCHOOL ROCKS=http://=http://!

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