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During spring break I went to San Fransisco!!!
I got to go to Alcatraz and laguna beach and got to go into were they filmed Real world on MTV! plus I got to see that real zig zag road. What is that called again? Tell me if you know! I got to go to pier 39 and got to go to a chocolate tower and ride on the top of a double decer bus! I also got to ride a trolie! It was so much fun. I also got to go to china town and lots of more other places. I had a fun time with my family and friends. I was a trip to remember. I would always say yes to a invite to San Fransisco again.
Now I am going to tell you about Alcatraz. Alcatraz's call was
"When people break the rules they go to jail. When they break the prisons rules they go to Alcatraz." I Enjoyed Alcatraz because of its coulture and the biggness of the place. One of my favorite thefts there was Birdman. He knew everything about birds and could tell you what is wrong with your bird if you sent a alive bird. If you sent a dead bird he could tell you why it died. Alcatraz is on an iland near the golden gate bridge. Alcatraz was the only prison to give hot showers because then when the thefts would try to exscape they would freeze and die in the water. Another one of my favorite thefts were I cant remember his name but he was a bank rober, murder, theft. When he went to alcatraz he became a gardener and asked to be the gardener there. He soon became a chief there to. Sometimes he would clean milatary clothes. But one day he took one of the militarys uniforms and put it on. It did not last long because when he got on the boat he went to a miltary base near alcatraz. So 30 minutes later he was back in his cell.

After the auto tour of alcatraz We got to do some activites. The first was a 30 minute talk about birdman. Then we did a 30 minute thing called sounds of the slammer. It was so much fun and I got to listen to them open and close the cell doors. Next the same man told us all about exscapes and stuff and we found out NO ONE actually survived the swim from alcatraz to San Fransisco. All the Alcatraz prisoners hated New years because they had to listen to people enjoy New year will they were in jail. This was a fun exsperience that I will never forget.


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