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There is a book that we have to read. It is called Witch Of Blackbird Pond. It is about a girl named Kit Tyler who had to move from her house in Barbados to Wethersfield, Connecticut. She was used to being treated like royalty. But When she gets there she has to do chores. There is also a boy named William Ashbey that falls in love with Kit. But Kit's cousin, Judith first liked him but then william Liked Kit. So Judith Started Liking Someone else Kit Liked. That persons name is Jhon Holbrook. Also, Kit is a Loyalist but her aunt & uncle and there family are all patriots. Jhon is also a patriot. But the former preacher, Reverend Bulkey, at the church is a Loyalist. William is a Loyalist as well. Things were very different back then. Their meals will be only one single thing. As of now, our meals are usually, a main dish, side dish, and/or vegetable. Also, they have to grow their food or raise their food(raising as in raising cows). It takes most likely a WHOLE DAY to prepare the food. That is all I have to share right now! Come back for more!


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