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How to subtract really easily
Hi! This time it is math class! (not) Well sort of. Today we are going to learn about subtraction problems. I am about to tell you 2 compleatly new and easy way a doing a subtraction problem. You might know them already, but they are great. Okay.

Let's take a subtraction problem from my mind. I have chosen 3964-458. Ok. It looks really hard, but the way I do it then ends up really easy. So first we will get the smaller number and break up the hard numbers into easier numbers. Like the 8. We can split that in half. So then it will be 4 and 4. One of the 4's maches the 4 in the bigger number. So then it will make it easier to subtract. Because we all know that 4-4=0. So then if there is any other numbers that you would like to breake up then you can do it. Let's start figuing out the answer. Let's do 3964-4. That then will make 3960. Then we keep the number that we just got and subtract it with 50. Now it will be quite easier to take 50 away from 3960. 3960-50=3910. The number is getting lower! Now we will do the final step. All we do know is 3910-400=3510. And 3510 is now your answer. the other way to do it is by getting the smaller number again but adding up numbers. First it will be 458. You will be adding numbers that will be making the number to add up to the other number. 3964. So I am going to do this. 458+2=460. I want the type of numbers that are small, easy, and a number that will round up to the closest 10 or 100. So I chose the number 2 for my first addition problem. Now I have to keep a list of the numbers that I added such as the number 2. So now 2 is on my list. (You must do this or you will get the wrong answer!) The I am going to add another number that will end up in the list. I am going to do 460+40=500. Now 40 in in my list. I have 500 right now and I need 3964. I am going to add 500+500=1000. Now 500 is in my list. Now that you get the list part we can get into the problem morer instead of going back and forth with the list thing. Now we are at 1000. We need to get to atleast 3000. So Im going to add 2000. 1000+2000= 3000. Now all we need to add is 964. 3000+964=3964. And you have the answer. But You still have the numbers in the box. Just add them up and thats your answer.So then we would do 2+40+500+200+946=..... I would like you to figure out the answer. So if you would like you can send me a comment either saying the answer or what ever you you would like! Thanks for reading! From Brownie Girl (:

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