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by teacher: samuel
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1. Naomi: because it sounds elegant.
2. Dave: because it rhymes with “brave”
3.Mia: from the movie “Eight Below.”
4.Steele: from the movie “Balto.”
5.Scarlet: because if I have a beautiful deep dark red-dog, Scarlet would be the perfect name for it.
6.Goldbond: because there is a very rare chinchilla color that is called Goldbond and I have 7 chinchillas and expecting!
7. Mocha: because mochas are a cream colored liquid and it would be cool to have a cream colored dog.
8. Prime: because after a term in math.
9. Caesar: because after a famous person Julius Caesar.
10. Malay: because it means fight and I want a dog that “fights” till thee end.
11. Patrick: because my birthday is in March and the holiday in March is Saint Patrick’s Day.
12. Annie: because it sounds cute.
13. Jack: after the adventurous story “Jack and the Beanstalk.”
14. Lissie: after the American Girl series of Felicity. I like how Felicity’s family calls her Lissie.
15. Alex: after my brother.
16. Georgia: because after a state that was named after King George the 3rd.
17. Will: “will” do anything to win a race. That’s what I want my dogs to be if I had 20.
18.Jenna: after the graceful husky in “Balto.”
19. Jake: because if you hear the word “Jake” then it sounds like it to me that he likes humans.
20. Pepper: because my mom uses pepper a lot in her food and I like using peppers in food to.

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