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5-6 2011/2012

Here we are! We go to school in Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada. We want to share what we are doing in our classroom. Come and see!

by C

teacher: Carlene Gauley

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On my summer holidays I went to Moose Jaw to visit my dad. When I was there he bought me another X-Box 360 with a Kinect. It came with a game called Kinect Adventures. He also bought Call Of Duty: Black Ops and LEGO Pirates of the Caribean.
I like Pirates of the Caribean best because I enjoy the levels where on Black Ops I only like the multi-player. On LEGO Pirates of the Caribean I also like the characters and the chalenge level is little less than perfect, but Black Ops challenge level is WAAAAAAAAAAY harder than what I'm ready for.
On Black Ops-in the multi-player-you can make a class. To create a class means you can customize a character by changing the primary & secondary guns, garnades or 2 tomahawks that instantly kill on impact. There are perks to improve your chances killing, and kill-streaks if you kill so many times in a row. You can add face paint and change the outfit for camaflage.
When I play Black Ops, on multi-player with my dad, I usally choose a fully automatic weapon and camp or hide until my dad crosses my screen while he hunts me down.I got alot better because of him, so it's not like I'm a sleeping doe an he's the best sniper ever!!!
To bad I had to come back home for school!!!

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