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by Scott Besterman

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More and more each year we are being asked to reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s becoming increasingly clear how limited our resources are and how expensive they continue to become. You have only to look at the price of food, gas, and home heating to see that things are changing. We hear it at home and school to reduce, reuse and recycle. Yet, what are YOU specifically doing to reduce your “green footprint” on this planet. Are you recycling your paper and plastic products? Have you turned the heat down a degree at home this winter or up a degree last summer? Are you carpooling to school with neighbors? The aim of this month’s assignment is to motivate you a little more in this area. Watch the following videos and let’s discuss. (Ecological Footprint)

1. Name something you have done during this school year (at school or at home) to help save energy. (save resources) Tell us what it was and how it helps.

2. We already recycle paper, plastic bottles and cans at school. How else could we reduce our “green footprint” at school? Or, how could we make our current programs more successful?

3. If you (or your family)could do one more thing at home to help reduce your green footprint (even a little), what might that be and why?

*** If you and your family actually try #3 at home this month, please add that note on to your blog response at a later time this month.

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