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Article posted August 19, 2007 at 02:31 AM GMT0 • comment (39) • Reads 16730

As of June 18, 2008, this class website is closed. Feel free to comment to a student, but I can't promise they'll comment back. Sorry!

Check out the new class of 2008-2009 HERE!

Welcome to Mr. Brune's 2007-2008 5th grade class in Mamaroneck, NY, USA!


This website (blog) is a place to publish some of the work we do in our class. Some of the work published here is our thinking about the news. Some of the work is our "Writing Projects," self-selected writing projects the students initiate. Formal class assignments will also be published here. The work is coded in the title as follows: A = teacher assignment, N = writing about the news, and WP = writing project (self-initiated writing). It's also coded as "audio" if there is an audio recording of the work and "video" if there is a video version. Work is also grouped by assignment under "Teacher Assignments" to the left." (We're having problems with this function, though, as of 3-24-08.)

Leave a comment for a specific student by visiting his or her page to the right and leaving a comment at the bottom of an article. All comments are moderated -- they are sent to me for approval before being published to this website. If you comment to us (and provide a link back to your class) we will try very hard to comment back to you! It might take us awhile, but we WILL comment back to you. We know how important those comments are!

Here are the classes we comment to so far. They've either commented to us or we just like their work!

Mr.H's "Fantabulous Fifth Graders" (somewhere in cyberspace)

Mr. Gonzalez's 6th & 7th Grade Science Students in Chimacum, Washington USA

Ms. Kreul's 4th Graders in Whitefish Bay, WI USA

Mr. Crosby's 5th Graders in Sparks, Nevada, USA Mr. Noon's 6th Graders in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA -- are now on summer vacation!

Bam Bam Bigelow's Class somewhere in Cyberspace, USA Check out their post about our class and NinjaKitty HERE!

Miss Watt's Year 5&6 (Grades 4 & 5) Class in Rutherglen, Glasgow, Scotland

Ms. Lilian's Year 5&6 Students (Grades 4&5) in Auckland, New Zeland

Mr. Fowler's 5th Graders in Michigan, USA Check out their audio message (podcast) to us


Ms. Parisi and Ms. Southard's ("South Paris") 5th Graders in Long Island, New York (USA)

Mrs. Emmert's, Mr. Harris', and Mrs. Henning's 5th Graders from Georgia (USA)

Mr. Monson's 5th Grade Class in Duluth, Minnesota (USA)

Mr. Howitt's 5th Graders in Shanghai, (China)

Mr. Meyer's 5th Graders in Laingsburg, Michigan (USA)

Mr. Alhness' 3rd Graders in Seattle, Washinton (USA)

Where in the world the classes we comment to are (updated 3-24-08): map 3-24-08

It's all about those comments and having an audience! We wouldn't waste our time with this website if it wasn't for the comments we get! Leave us a comment and we'll comment back! Sometimes it takes us a bit of time to comment back. We have only 4 classroom computers so it's hard for each of us to get to our comments as quickly as we would like. PLEASE remember to include a link to your webpage (blog) in the comment or it's VERY hard for us to find you! If you don't include a link back to your webpage (blog) we might not be able to comment back! Below is what the comment fields will look like when you click on the "comment" link at the bottom of someone's article. Note, sometimes you have to scroll WAY down past other comments to see these comment fields. Also, you don't HAVE to include an email address or a link to a webpage -- but if you do include a link to your webpage (blog) it makes it easier for us to comment back.

commenting fields We do our best to stay safe on the Internet, trusting and listening to our own common sense. Dude says it best: "We are our own filter! netsafety_desktop

Article posted August 19, 2007 at 02:31 AM GMT0 • comment (39) • Reads 16730

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