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Dear, Mom and Nana

I have learned a lot of new things this year in math class. In module one I learned exponents and what the exponential form and standard form was and also what the difference between them was. Exponential form is when you have a number and you have a smaller number above, which clarifies that it's in exponential form. Standard form is when you have the number written out. Example: 2x2x2x2=16.

My favorite thing I learned about was probability. Probability is a number from 0- 1 that tells us how likely an event is to happen. I learned what theoretical probability was and what experimental probability was. Theoretical probability is whats suppose to happen. Experimental probability is what the experiment turns out to be.

Another one of my favorite things I learned was PEMDAS. In math class our teacher had us listen to a math song that was about pemdas. Most of our class mates didn't like the song but I liked it. I thought it was very interesting.

Those are all the things I learned this year in module one. Thanks for reading.
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