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by FHKR teacher: Rye 8th Team

Dear Dad,




This is a letter about module 1 in math the paragraphs are gonna be kinda bad though because there has to be 3 of them. But I still have to do it so here goes...



In the early part of the module we learned about things like line graphs,analyzing a graph, and frequency tables . We also learned about patterns/sequences. Some examples of this are. that take-home quiz about graphs where you had to analyze a line graph. For frequency tables we had those txtbk. questions where you had to draw a frequency table . For sequences/patterns we had a few homeworks.


Later on in the module we learned about , variables,writing equations like T=N2-1, area, volume,and probability. Some examples of activities to help us understand these subjects are. For variables we used them for patterns and writing equations. For writing equations we used them to see if a pattern was always repeated and didn't stop or if it would break. Area wasn't really new to me but we did have a couple slightly challenging ones. Volume was definitely more challenging and we had some very hard problems. For probability we used a virtual spinner,deck of cards,coins and dice; we also did a probability project in which we had to give theoretical and experimental probability (I did mine w/ cat food!).


Lastly near the end of the module we learned about P.E.M.D.A.S. and problem solving. Here are some activities we used to enhance our learning experience. For P.E.M.D.A.S. we heard the order of operations song :(,we had to do a few worksheets and we also had a test on the order of operations. For problem solving all we really did were worksheets and text book questions.



Sincerely, psja.



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