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Dear, mom and dad I am sending this letter to you about what I have been learning in math class last semester. These things have been really easy for me. The fun things for me have been easy but interesting like algebra and exponents. The things that have not been fun this semester are finding the difference between the term and term number and putting it into an algebraic term. So that is what I am talking about in my letter. In last semester it has been really easy I don't know why but my guess is that its going to be like this all year. I am not very challenged int this class but some of the things are interesting. These are the things we studied in the last semester analyzing graphs, making frequency tables, putting patterns and sequences into tables and graphs, finding areas of a square, finding the volume of a cube, finding experimental and theoretical probabilities. It seems like we did a lot but if your in the class its not very much work because we have math class every day for at least 45 minutes a day. The difference between theoretical and experimental probability is theoretical probability is what should happen like say there are four colors on a spinner wheel and you spin it twenty times you should get one color five times and experimental probability is what does happen so same scenario so you will probably get one color more times than another color. The one thing we probably spent the most time in in math class is experimenting with graphs because graphs are one of the biggest things in math for instance the world wide stock exchange which is a easy way to make money watching a graph. That's what I learned in math class this semester. -from, hhma

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