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The Eye 09/12/11
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Dear Dad,
Hi Dad! It's Rhbr! I'm at school right now writing this letter for a math project. The idea is to write about everything we've learned about this year so far in math class with Mrs. Harte. We kind of did a lot of reviewing at first, but it was pretty useful because I didn't remember a lot of it. It was also nice because that way we got to sort of start of the year a little easy at first. One of the first things we kicked off the year with was analyzing bar, point and line graphs. A lot of times we would look at why a bar graph is a bar graph and not a line graph and vice versa, based on the information the graphs displayed. After we did that for a while we worked a lot on frequency tables, which was something new. We did pattens, sequences, and algebraic equations to figure out the rule, which we displayed in the table. We also did a lot of exponents-- squaring area and cubing volume, as well as a little bit of binary numbers, which was confusing at first but then it got simpler. The practice for exponents was useful, too. But I think they're really annoying and tricky. Another interesting thing we worked on was number tricks. There was one where you punch in your phone number on a calculator and you perform a lot of tricks and because you multiply it by a fraction, it shrinks when you multiply and grows when you divide, but it took a while for us to realize that. Another part of the number tricks was that we would get a worksheet with different number tricks on it and we would solve them with 2 different base numbers, and then use a system of blocks (representing your base number) and circles (representing 1) and solve it. Later, we started using algebraic equations to solve them. The algebra made more sense to me. After that we moved onto probability, which was another review. We worked with experimental versus theoretical probability in most of what we did. We did some experiments with the color of blocks or names in a bag, and there was a website that we looked at with spinners and what colors appeared more depending on how many trials there were. We also did a partner project on theoretical versus experimental probability, which in my case was about the colors of M&M's vs. Skittles, which was fun. And right now we're finishing up a unit on order of operations, which was kind of interesting because I learned about brackets and fractions in it.
(That's texting talk for Sincerely, Your Son.)
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I like how your thesis in the beginning is really exciting and hooks the reader to wanting to read more.
Posted January 25, 2010 at 07:39 AM by • dsla
Posted January 25, 2010 at 07:39 AM by • dsla
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