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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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Dear mum,

Hello. We have been learning a lot in math! We are learning theoretical and experimental probability. What that is, is theoretical probability means to know what a fraction is out of an amount of large numbers for example, if I have 30 guitar picks, and 10 of them were red, 9 of them were blue, and 11 of them were green, then my probability would be 20 over 60 for red, 18 over 60 for blue, and 22 over 60 for green because we would double the numbers. For an experimental probability, that would be you actually doing the experiment and then writing down what you got in a fraction form, for example, if I were to pick out of the same bag 60 times, and I got 20 reds, 30 greens and 10 blues, then it would be, 20 over 60 for red, 30 over 60 for green and 10 over 60 for blues. We would then compare our experiment probability with our theoretical probability and say the differences that we see. In this case, the differences are that we got 10 over 60 for blue and our theoretical probability was 8 away. For the green, we got 30 over 60, but for our theoretical probability it was 8 more than our theoretical probability. For the red we actually got the same amount for both our theoretical and experiment probability.
We have also been learning exponents. Exponents are simply only exponential form and standard form. Standard form is when you write out a whole problem. For example, 3x3x3 would be in standard form when you find the answer. Exponencial form is when you write it out in a shorter way. For example, 3 to the 3rd power. Then, you would solve it. It would be 18 for the answer.
We also worked on our graphs. We used bar graphs and line graphs. We worked on figuring out which graph to work on with different information. We took a take-home-test on graph's. We found out all of the information on them, and past it in about a week later. We looked at the map to find the vertical an horizontal sides name. It was a very good module.

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