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Dear Dad,

In this letter, I am going to explain what we have been doing in math class so far. Well, we have just finished module one. Most of it was just a review from last year, so it was pretty simple. The main things we went over were analyzing bar and line graphs, patterns and sequences, probability, and the Order of Operations. We also did a little bit of algebra.

My favorite part of the module was doing experiments on probability. There are two types of probability: theoretical and experimental. Theoretical probability is what should happen in an experiment, and experimental probability is what does happen. So, say I was going to do an experiment with picking marbles from a bag, and I had 4 red marbles, 4 blue marbles, and 4 green marbles. Then the theoretical probability of picking red would be four twelfths or one third. But, the experimental probability might be something different. Okay so, maybe I did the experiment 24 times, and I got 9 blue marbles, 7 red marbles, and 8 green marbles. Then the experimental probability of getting red would be seven twenty-fourths. We did a project like this where we got to choose our topic. My project was egg-picking. I drew 4 different faces on 12 eggs. There were 3 happy eggs, 3 sad eggs, 3 surprised eggs, and 3 angry eggs.

My least favorite part of the module was probably analyzing bar and line graphs because it was boring and easy. I mean, all we did was look at a graph and answer questions about it. There's not much more to say about analyzing graphs so I'm going to talk about the Order of Operations next.

The Order of Operations is a way to figure out problems with more than one operation. So if you had a problem that was 4+(1-2)/3, you couldn't just do it from right to left to right. There's a certain order and that order is the Order of Operations. So, what is that order you might ask? Well, it's:

Multiplication and Division
Additon and Subtraction

PEMDAS! A good way to remember it is Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Or as a fellow class mate once said: Please Execute My Darn Aunt Sally

Well, that's all I have to say about this Module!
Bye For Now,
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