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Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by KW teacher: Mrs. Gatz
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Discuse the topis. 1. I would have told them to knock it off. Then if they didn't I would of left. And make a big deal out of it. And tell eny one  who would listen to me. Then if she still bothered me at school I would go to her mom.   

2. She would have had more friends and not get beat up or teased. And also be in trouble alot, because she would of done other things to get her in trouble. She would also be making bad decitions. And her parents would take her to wors place to get help.

3. No because she did the right thing and they have no one to blame but them selfs. And they should have wrote an letter to jodee and say sorry. And forrgive her for making there lives alot easyer in the future.

4. No because they should forgive her for teaching them a lesson. It wasn't her falt for there bad choices. And I would say they shouldn't of done those bad things, and i shouldn't get puished for what they did. I would tell my mom that it was unfair that I had to pay for their mistake.

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