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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Dear Sister,

I have sent you this letter because I want to tell you what I have/am learning in Math class.
We have learned what type of information to make a graph out of. Like, if you were doing the change in weather in cities, you would make it a line graph. And if you were doing favorite types of ice cream it would be a bar graph. And we've learned to analyze the data from graphs too.
We've worked on sequences and patterns and learned how to make them into tables and how to graph them. How to turn them into algebra equations. Like T=n+3. So we'd take block patterns and make a sequence for them.
We've worked on probability like, putting cubes in a bag and tallying how many times a certain colored cube comes up. And we would make tables out of that information. Another probability game that we played was when ms. Harte had everyone in my classes names in a bag and shook it and gave math points to whom ever was picked first and last out of the bag. I wasn't chosen.
That's some of what we've been learning in math class this term. I'm pretty sure you learned it last year or it refreshed your memory.

Your sister,
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