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Dear parents,

In math class we just finished module 1 and I am going to tell you the stuff we learned in module 1. Well before I start, lets just say that you are going to be very proud about the things that I have learned.
Well in the beginning of the year we were learning about frequency tables. They are very easy to make, just put the subjects in a spot on the table then count out how many there are and tally them then count how many there are for each one and right down the number. Sometimes they can even be fun to make.
Later we learned about probability it isn't the greatest topic to learn about but it was okay. We learned about experimental and theoretical probability. We played probability simulator games on the computer which was a little fun. We also played a game called the difference game which is about probability. It wasn't the easiest topic to learn about and not that fun to learn about either but it was alright.
In the end we learned about the order of operations also known as PEMDAS which is really fun to do and fun to learn about. It is really easy to do the problems but it is also really fun. We listened to this weird but catchy song about PEMDAS. I think the order of operations is probably the most fun thing that we learn about in math.
Well that's just a few things we learned about in module 1. Its a great start for the year and I know that it is going to get harder but if it fun to learn then it wont be as hard as it would normally be. Have a good day and I hoped you enjoyed my letter and liked what I learned about in math class.
Sincerely, HRTY

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