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-To Whom it May Concern-

I will be explaining to you what we have been learning in the past module in Math class.(module 1)

The first major thing we learned about is graphs. We learned the workings of a proper line &
bar graph inside-out. By the end, we could graph almost any data that was given to us. Bar graphs are better for comparing multiple amounts of data. Line graphs are best for seeing the growth/shrinkage of data over time, such as the stocks.

Next, was probability. We studied this by using cards, dice, coins, and computer simulations to test what should happen, and what really happened. What could happen Is called theoretical probability.
What did happen is called experimental probability. Say that you have a bag of fifty marbles, 25 of them are black, and 25 of them are red. You pick 25 of them. Theoretical probability says that out of every two draws, one should be red. P(r)=12.5/25=1/2. What really happened= thirteen out of the 25 draws turned out to be red. That's very close to the what the theoretical probability said it should be.

Last was the order of operations. The order of operations are: Parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, or PEMDAS for short. To study PEMDAS we did problems with a mix of parentheses and exponents thrown in. To complete the problem correctly, you have to abide by the order of operations. We also created our own problems using PEMDAS.

Those were the main things we've been doing here in module 1. Looking forward to module 2.

Sincerely, LRSE

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