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Dear Dad


This year so far math has been mostly a review for me. From line graphs to order of operations I've really only learned two things. Math has been really easy and only two problems really challenged me.

The first things we learned about was bar graphs, line graphs, and frequency tables. Bar graphs and line graphs I knew about and that was very easy. Frequency tables were slightly harder because it was a concept we worked less on in 5th and 6th grade. We worked on # tricks after that and while it might have been a bit harder for the rest of the kids, I learned about it with my parents and Mrs. Harte. After that we did patterns which was in the same boat as the #tricks.

Next we had exponents, probability, and order of operations. I'm going to skip probability and give it it's own paragraph. Exponents seemed ridiculously easy (though not as easy as the graphs). We had spent a lot of time on exponents in 6th grade. Order of operations was harder (a little bit) because we learned about brackets and fraction symbols.

We spent a lot of time on probability and learned a bit about simulations. We also did things with a bag of cubes and a bag of names. We learned about theoretical and experimental probability. We also did a project on probability. My project was a lot harder than everybody elses. I took a 4,6,10,and 20 sided dice.,  then I put them all in a bag and randomly chose and rolled one dice. After that I came up with the probability of rolling every # 1-20

So, so far through this year it has basically been one big review.



Sincerely, LRTU

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