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This blog post is from a student from class not Mr. Howell.

Homework for Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1. The first thing we need to do is read a Just Right book for 20 minutes. Then I need to write down the information about the book in my agenda and have a parent sign my agenda. Mom, don't let me forget to have you do this after I read...thanks :-)

2. Next, I need to complete the Math homeowrk form the yellow packet on page 20.

3. I have a brand new spelling lis so I can start working on my 100 points that are due next Wednesday. Don't forget to study for the quiz on Wendesday as well.

4. We also have our Map Projects that we astarted in class that our teacher would like to have those finished by Next Friday, OCtorber 30 but I will try to get mine finished before then.

A Hard Working Student.

Friday is our Pancake Breakfast starting at 10:00a.m.

Please plan on having a packed lunch for your child as lunch will be in the classroom at a later hour since the pancake breakfast will keep them from being hungry around their usual lunchtime.

From a Parent Homeroom Rep.
"A flyer went home last week regarding a Gift Basket for the Fall Festival on Friday, October 30th. Several families have sent in items to fill our “Arts & Crafts” Basket (for 5th grade fundraising). If you have yet to send in an item for the basket and are still interested, please feel free to send something in with your child."
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