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On Thursday 15 October, Mrs Cousins was coming in to talk about something. She told us that we were having a school production! YAY! Our production is called, "The Stars Come Out For Christmas." There are 4 big main parts, Carol Singer, Noel ?, Ollie ? and Chrissie Pressie. She gave us three sheets of the lines we have to learn for the audition. We kept the sheets in our classroom. I was hoping to get Chrissie. I practiced the line over the weekend off by heart, even though I already knew it! On Monday, we couldn't wait for the auditions. We had the auditions on Tuesday. After school, (on Tuesday) me and Caitlin were practicing it lots and lots! We were nervous, but not that nervous!
I can't wait! I can't wait! We went down in twos to Mrs Cousins' office to say our line. I went down with Dominic. It was fine, but Mrs Cousins' said nothing to us about the part. It was nerve racking because she said nothing so me and my friends all thought, that means I did bad! During Wednesday, Mrs Cousins' called us back throughout the day. I was down with Caitlin, Oshyn, Holly, Neihana and Jordan, trying out for the fans. I tried out for fan one. In that line you had to say it in an enthusiastic voice, but I felt a bit shy. I prefer more serious acting. So Mrs Cousins' told me, "How about we try Mary. That's a more serious part."
I didn't mind that at all though a little bit sad that I didn't get Chrissie (I really don't mind!) . We all are not quite sure what part we have yet. Can't wait to find out!
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