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"It was either shun or be shunned. The meaner you were to the "rejects" the more popular you became with members of the clique."

I think that this means that you either made fun of others, or you would get made fun of. If you were making fun of other people, then you would be liked more, because you would be doing what they were doing, and then they would see that you wanted to be like them more. But if you stood up for those who were shunned, then the popular kids would think that you didn't like them, and that you didn't want to be like them.

I do not agree with this quote, because when/if you started picking on other kids to fit in, then you would be letting the clique know that you would let them rule over you. You would also be telling them that you wanted to be like them. If you did everything that they told you to do, then you would be letting them control you, and in a way, that would be bullying. Besides that, even doing everything that they wanted you to do wouldn't grantee that they would accept you into their "clique".

 Suzie had been friends with Jane since preschool, and when they got to junior high, Suzie decided that she wanted to be friends with Faith and her three friends. Suzie still wanted to be friends with Jane, but she also wanted to be buddies with Faith, and Suzie was willing to do anything to be accepted by Faith. One day, Faith told Suzie that if she wanted to be friends, then she would have to stop being friends with Jane, and spending time with her. Faith also told Suzie that she would have to tell Jane that she was no good, and that Jane should go to a different school. Suzie didn't want to, but it was the only way to be friends with Faith, so Suzie told Jane what she was told to say, even though she didn't really want to.Immidiatally after Suzie told Jane that, they separated, and hardly ever said anything to each other, unless in an arguement. A few years after Suzie had been in Faith's (clique), Faith decided that she didn't want to be buddies with Suzie anymore, so Faith and her (clique), dropped Suzie from their group. After a while, Suzie went back to Jane to ask for forgiveness from her. After several weeks, and proof that Suzie really did want to be friends with Jane again, Jane and Suzie got back together and were friends again through the rest of years of school. 

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