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Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by TS teacher: Mrs. Gatz
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Me and Scotti didn't agree on bullying she thinks it's mean and I don't I think it's fun. She texted me and asked why dont you invite me to your party. Then I said because you dont bully any buddy and she said because it's not nice and just not right. When Adam asked me a really wierd question and I didn't know what to put so I put what and then after that class was over. I wanted more time to text to are group and talk more about peoples questions and the party at Calli's house. That's when I got grounded because of Jodee so we bully her now we put her shoe in the toilet at school.  

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I likes to ride four wheelers and play Football and basketball. In my free time I like to play my PS2 and X-box and blow stuff up and watch it go boom and lite up in flames! I also liked to hunt deer, turkey,squirrel,. Over the summer I worked like crazy!, I had to throw hay bails. Each person would throw about 450 bails a day. I paid $6.50 an hour and earned about $1,200.

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