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                Blog response 1: “It was either shun or be shunned. The meaner you were to the “rejects” the more popular you became with the members of your clique.”

                To me this quote means that people think the only way to be cool or noticed, is to be mean to other people. They usually are meaner to people who aren’t as cool or who don’t have as much as some one else does. Being a part of a clique means a lot to some people because that’s how they become popular.

                I disagree with this quote. I do not think that you should have to put down someone else to be popular or be a part of a clique, and other people should not shun you because you chose to be nice to someone. Being nice is the right thing to do.

                This quote relates to a book we are reading in school. Jodee had a friend named Marianne and she was deaf and also had trouble with her vision. Marianne wore raggedy clothes and lived in a neglected neighborhood, and she was made fun of for this. Jodee began being made fun of for being friends with the “retarded” girl, and she did not like this. She decided to start making fun of Marianne in order to fit in with her friends and their crowd. One day when Jodee’s friends are making fun of Marianne, she stands up for her, and all the other kids that are different. Then Jodee sees that what she had been doing to Marianne is wrong and she doesn’t do it anymore, but now Jodee is a “reject.” Cliques started forming and if you weren’t part of one you were invisible.  
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