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8th Grade 09-10

Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by PL

teacher: Mrs. Gatz

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My group agreed on how we thought that Jo Ellen was actually jealous of Marianne because Jo Ellen was not getting alot of attention from Jodee as she used to when her and Jodee hung out. We also agreed on how we thought Jodee did the right thing by telling Jo Ellen she will hang out with Marianne.
A topic that created a heavy debate was the way we all were talking about how excited Jodee was when she knew Marianne was coming over to her house and how she probably never felt that was with her old friends because they always wanted to be mean to people but Jodee was different and didn't want to do that to people.
Something that made my really think was when one of the teachers was telling us how her husband can't hear out of one ear and can't see out of one eye, and then on his other eye he doesn't have peripheral vision. So it just kind of made think about how lucky some of us are and we shouldn't take advantage of that. We should be happy with what we have and what we can do. It's not their fault. Making fun of them just makes it worse for them, they have enough to think about and they sure don't need you reminding them of what is wrong about them. It all just made me think twice.
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