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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by LRLI teacher: Rye 8th Team

There are many planets in our solar system, eight to be exact. There used to be nine until scientists decided Pluto was not a planet, now its a dwarf planet. The largest planet is Jupiter, and the smallest is mercury. Earth is the 3rd closest planet from the sun. The sun is our closest star, it is so big, that's why we can see it in the day time. Did you know that all of the stars we're looking at is ancient light, because light may take 1,000,000 light years to get to us. The sun light takes 8 minutes to get to us also. You know the song twinkle twinkle little star well guess what!! its very exciting news ready ready!! and . . . . . . . . STARS DONT TWINKLE!! isn't that sad. That means that that song is a lie. As I was saying, oh yes did you know that Neptune and Uranus are the two closest planets Our moon is very small, right? But which planet is the closest to the size of our moon? If you guesses mercury they your correct!! Which planet it 2 times smaller that mars?. . . Mars! Which planet is 4 times larger that earth. . . Uranus!. . . . Which object is 108 times larger than earth. . . . . . The sun!! hears a hard one, which planet is 11.1 times larger than earth. . . . . Jupiter! Which planet is 3.88 times larger than earth. . . . . Neptune! Now which planet is the closest size to earth . . Venus! Alright that's what I learned in science class bye!!
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