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Stars don't twinkle which means our parents have lied to us our whole lives. Light can travel at 186,000 miler per second. Light speed is used to measure large distances between stars. What is our closest star? THE SUN! The next closest sun you ask? Proxima Centauri. It is 4 light years away. Light can travel through a vacuum! Not a cleaning vacum silly! A vacuum is nothing. AU means astronomical units is used to measure the planets.
Space between planets and equations.
0+4/10=0.4 mercury -.4AU
3+4/10=0.1 Venus 0.7 AU
6+4/10=1 Earth 1 AU
12+4/10=1.6 Mars 1.5 AU
24+4/10=2.8 Asteroids
48+4/10=5.2 Jupiter
96+4/10=10 Saturn 9.5
192+4/10=19.6 Uranus 19.2
384+4/10=38.8 Neptune 30.1
768+4/10=77.2 ? Pluto ( dwarf planet) 39.5

so I bet you all are wondering who first discovered that the Earth was round? Well I will tell you in the honest truth Erastothenes a librarian in Egypt found out! Oh how you ask?
Well, he found out that on two days of the year you could see all the way down to the bottom of the well because of the sun. so when he was in a different town on one of the days he went to the well and saw that you couldn't see to the bottom of the well this is because the Earth is round.
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