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8th Grade 09-10

Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by AE

teacher: Mrs. Gatz

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     I don't think that a person should be focused on how well they're doing because if they are, then they need some new friends. The reason I think this, is because if they're a real friend, then they'll want you to do well and succeed. They shouldn't want you to fail a class just because you're better than them and it'll make them look bad. No, they'll congradulate you, cheer you on, and encourage/help you. They shouldn't cheat off of you, just so they can look cool too. If they did and you were wrong, then you'd both be wrong anyways, so you would be better off just to let them do their own work.

     If April does good in school, sports, and is a hard worker, then others should congradulate  her. April shouldn't feel bad for doing good and exceling, just so she can be friends with "the cool kids."

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I am in 8th grade. I like basketbll and volleyball. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I go to school in Kansas. I have moved this summerfrom 1 kansas to the other.

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